When it comes to protecting your home, there’s nothing more important than the roof over your head. With Red Dog’s Roofing, you can trust that your roof will be up to snuff. We provide roofing installations, repairs, and whole-roof replacements here in Gardner and throughout the region. We also work on both commercial and residential roofs. As your source for all things roofing, we’ve also compiled a series of blogs with additional information about roof care and other tips. Feel free to browse our articles below. As always, you can reach out to us if you have any questions or if you need work done on your roof!

  1. The Benefits and Drawbacks of Wood Shake Roofing

    There may be no roofing material that is more timeless than wood shakes. Wood shakes have been in use for millennia, providing a unique, natural appeal as well as protection for homes. As a tried and true roofing material, there are some obvious benefits to wood shingle roofing. However, as more mod…Read More

  2. The Importance of Weatherproof Flashing

    While you may have seen flashing around your roof and the rest of your home, you may not know what it is and what it does. Well, this part of your home’s exterior is important in ensuring that the envelope of your home is sealed and protected from the forces of Mother Nature, even around your home…Read More

  3. Our Roofing Maintenance Tips

    Whether you have a new roof over your head, or your roof is a few years old, it’s always worthwhile to keep it in tip-top shape, so you can rest assured that it will provide continual protection for your abode for years on end. After all, it is your home’s first defense against all that Mother N…Read More

  4. The Unseen Dangers of a Leaky Roof

    Every homeowner knows that a leak is a bad sign when it comes to your roof. After all, if you have water pouring into your home, your roof simply isn’t doing its job. But how much damage is a leak really causing? Behind our walls and above our ceilings, leaks can be causing serious damage, especia…Read More