Living here in Massachusetts means that you’re bound to endure a blizzard or two every year. And when the weather is at its worst, you may end up snowed in. Fortunately, we’re here to ensure that your building is safe from heavy snows, so you can rest assured that your roof structure won’t be strained by the extra weight. Here at Red Dog’s Roofing, we don’t just specialize in installing and maintaining roofs — we also provide roof snow removal services for residents and business owners throughout Fitchburg, Leominster, Gardner, and the surrounding area.

If you’re property has been hit by a recent snow storm, you can count on us to safely remove snow from your roof — without damaging the delicate materials underneath. We provide safe, swift roof snow removal services for homeowners and building owners throughout the area, and we work atop both sloped and low- or no-slope roofs. So, when winter makes its mark, we’re only a call away — reach out to us to get started.

You can also read more about our residential roof snow removal services, our commercial services, advice on when its important to have snow removed, and why you should trust a roofing expert with your upcoming snow removal (instead of attempting the project yourself), and additional information — all of which is listed below!

Roof Snow Removal Services

As we mentioned, we work on any and all roofs in our service area, including both commercial and residential roofs. We’d be happy to help you out, whether you need snow safely pulled off your home, or you need to protect your business with speedy snow removal.

Residential Roof Snow Removal

Removing snow from your home’s roof is always a good idea if there’s any accumulation. Snow can be especially dangerous on sloped residential roofs, since it can collapse the roof structure if there is enough snow, and since the snow is liable to slide off at any moment, causing damage or harm to property and people below your roof awnings. Snow removal also provides further protection for your home and roof, since it will ensure that ice dams don’t form on your roof (which can damage the roof material and the substructure of your roof), and since your home will be protected should there be a second blizzard on the way.

Commercial Roof Snow Removal

Low- and no-slope roofs are especially dangerous during the snowy season, since they won’t shed water quickly, and they’re far more liable to endure ice damming. Plus, accumulated snow doesn’t have anywhere to go — it could end up resting on your roof for months at a time if you leave it unattended. If your roof has accumulated a few inches of snow, it’s best to have it removed, especially if there are additional snowstorms in the forecast, or if your snow isn’t liable to melt anytime soon. Under these conditions, ice damming is highly probable, and snow will simply continue to accumulate throughout the cold months of the year.

When Is Snow Removal Necessary?

As a general rule, you should have snow removed from your roof if there are 6 inches of snowfall or more. While 6 inches of snow likely won’t strain your roof structure or cause a collapse, it can easily create an ice dam atop your roof, which will leave water pooling along your roofs awnings, corners, and other areas. This water can cause damage by seeping underneath the roofing material of your home or building, and it can further damage your roof and other structures on the roof (e.g. chimneys, vents, gutters). Why? Well, this pooling water will freeze and melt over the coming days, which means that it will expand every time it freezes, thus placing strain on your roof and its components.

At the very least, you should have snow removed from your home or building if you have a foot of snowfall accumulation or more. When this much snow accumulates, your roof will endure thousands of pounds of extra weight, which can cause your roof to literally collapse in on itself. What’s worse is that this weight can be a hazard if it collapses, or if it spontaneously slips off your roof, falling on whatever is resting underneath. You should be especially wary of snow that has a high moisture content, since this heavier snow is more likely to cause damage and it can easily create ice dams as it thaws and freezes.

We recommend that you act right away if you have any snow accumulation on your roof, since it will be far easier to remove the snow without ice dams, and your property and passersby will be less likely to be damaged or injured.