Highly Recommended

Recommended by many in the building profession, I have had the pleasure of working with Red Dog Roofing and will continue to place them on the top of my list when handling property damage insurance claims. I have had them assist in a simple roofing issue in Boston and on large scale complicated roofing projects here in Worcester County.

I have regularly consulted with them when I have had a challenging questions regarding appropriate roof repairs.

Small businesses are important and because they live here, they have a dedication and investment in creating a satisfied experience.

What I have found, Red Dog Roofing stands alone when it comes to:

  1. Full service: They provide my clients with a full guarantee and allow the customer to choose colors, styles, and timelines.
  2. They are on-site when promised and leave the home perfectly clean upon completion.
  3. Supervisor is on site whenever the project is operating.
  4. Their estimate is always representative of their final bill.
  5. Their work is amazing, thorough, and experienced.

While there are so many options when it comes to roofing contractors, I can tell you I have used them countless times with tremendous satisfaction. My business requires me to review property damage claims and often refer contractors. Red Dog Roofing and the Cochran family has been above and beyond my personal favorite. Please contact us anytime if you have any questions.

Shawn S. Winsor

Crosswind | South Lancaster, MA

Shawn S. Winsor