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Dealing with heavy snowfall is part of living in Massachusetts. Whether you love the white stuff or dread it, there are steps you need to take to protect your home from damage. Roof snow removal is one of these steps, and Red Dog’s Roofing makes it easy with our professional services.

Our locally owned company responds quickly to remove heavy snow loads that can quickly lead to ice dams and other forms of potential damage. Our experienced professionals know how to get the job done right, and we do so at competitive prices.

Don’t take chances with your home; our reliable snow removal services will have you saying, “Let it snow!”—while knowing your home is protected.

When to Call for Roof Snow Removal

Some Massachusetts homeowners aren’t sure when they need to call for roof snow removal. As a very general rule, it’s a good idea to call as soon as there is six inches of snow accumulation on your roof. Although six inches of snow alone will not necessarily damage the structure, it can easily cause ice dams that lead to pooling water, which seeps underneath the roofing material.

At a bare minimum, snow should be removed once there is an accumulation of 12 inches or more. That depth of snow distributes thousands of pounds in pressure—more than enough to cause a weak roof to collapse. The snow can also damage whatever lays beneath as it slides off your roof.

What about low- or no-slope roofs? These roofs are even more susceptible to damage because they shed water slowly, and the snow doesn’t have anywhere to go. Left untouched, it’s likely that the snow will just continue to accumulate throughout the season. For those reasons, regular roof snow removal is highly recommended for these types of roofs.

Why Choose Our Snow Removal Experts?

No matter which type of roof you have, Red Dog’s Roofing makes it easy to deal with snow removal by offering:

  • Accurate Cost Estimates
  • Fast Response Times
  • Experienced Snow Removal Professionals
  • Competitive Prices and Courteous Service

Remember: You should call as soon after a snowfall as possible, as the snow is easier to remove from your roof before ice dams have formed.

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