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3 Reasons Why You Want To Ventilate Your Flat Roof

Roof ventilation involves enhancing airflow around your roof through a system of intake and exhaust. When it comes to flat commercial roofs, ventilation plays a critical role in indoor air quality and comfort. Typically, poor roof ventilation can cause building condensation problems. There are two common types of flat roof systems – cold and warm [...]

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Here’s When You Need To Winterize Your Home

The winter months can affect your roof in different ways, depending on the local climate. Snow and ice in Central Massachusetts can lead to moisture damage and other problems. Cooler weather in the Sarasota area during winter can make it harder to keep your home heated if your roof isn’t in good shape. […]

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7 Steps To Winterize Your Home You Need To Know

Whether you just moved into a new home or you’ve been living in Central Massachusetts or the greater Sarasota area for a while, winter often comes with a slew of challenges for homeowners. Snow, ice, and cold weather can all bring trouble to your home and your energy bills. It’s important to stay ahead of [...]

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What You Need To Know About Hurricane Preparedness

Gaston, Kyle, Danny, Noel, Belle, and Carol — not a sports team, but hurricanes that have hit Massachusetts since the mid-1950s. Florida is known to be a hurricane haven, but in New England, you need to be prepared too. You may be wondering exactly what is hurricane preparedness for your home. Here is how you [...]

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3 Helpful Ways We Add Extra Value To Your Roof Replacement

When you hire a roofer to perform a roof replacement, you’ll want to make sure you hire a trustworthy and reliable company. Replacing your roof is no small task, which is why you’ll want to make sure you find a roofer who does what they say they’re going to do. The following are three questions [...]

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Why Owens Corning Warranties Are The Best

Owens Corning is a big company. How big? The materials firm has 20,000 employees worldwide and annual revenues of over $7 billion. What does this mean for you, the Sarasota residential homeowner considering a new roof? It means the strength of one of the industries best warranty programs protecting your roof, the one part of [...]

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2 Water Proofing Options You Need To Protect Your Roof

Many parts go into making the whole roof system sturdy and safe from bad weather. Maybe you’ve never heard of the underlayment or secondary water barrier. These are layers of protection your roof needs against water damage. […]

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Behind The Scenes Of Your New Red Dog’s Roof Costs

Replacing your roof can be costly. It’s an investment in your home which, when properly installed, can last decades with the right care. Many people try to cut corners and save money on materials or by hiring an inexperienced contractor to lower their overall costs. The result can be devastating. Repairs may become a common [...]

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How To Understand The Time Frame For Your Roof Replacement

Understanding the time frame for your roof replacement is always a good way to help you plan for the roof repair process. The time frame on a roof replacement depends on a variety of factors. Reaching out to a roofing company is a good idea to help you understand the length of the project. [...]

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4 Guaranteed Benefits You Gain From Red Dog’s Roofing

A heritage of determination and hard work, Red Dog’s Roofing entered the roofing industry in 2012, having been founded by Norman “Red’ Cochran, who later transferred his passion to his grandson, Patrick. At Red Dog’s Roofing, we are proud of our history and continue with the spirit of hard work with every project we embark [...]