1. 5 Reasons to Install Skylights

    Here at Red Dog’s, we know roofing. As a matter of fact, we’re the folks to call for roofing repairs, maintenance, and installations if you live here in Massachusetts. We deal with all sorts of roofing components while we’re up on your abode: chimneys, vents, gutters, you name it. And, of cour…Read More

  2. The Components of Your Roof

    Whether it looks it or not, your roof is a rather complex construction — trust us, we've been working on roofs here in Massachusetts for years. Roofs are far more than just a few shingles tacked onto the top of your home. Modern roofs have several layers, all of which are crucial to maintain the i…Read More

  3. How to Match Your Roofing With Your Home

    Is it time to install a new roof over your abode? You may have a headache at all the available options, as far as roofing materials go. On top of considering cost and the longevity of your roofing material, you’ll have to consider the aesthetic quality of your roof. When you’re picking the perfe…Read More

  4. Why Tree Limbs May Be the Bane of Your Roof

    There’s nothing more valuable than a good roof over your head, and that’s something that we can really stand behind here at Red Dog’s Roofing. After all, as your roofing experts, it’s our job to ensure that you have the best roof atop your family castle. So, today, we’re talking about prot…Read More

  5. What You Need to Know About Underlayment

    If you have a sloped roof, you should have an underlayment, even if you have a low-sloping roof. This layer (which is the layer placed directly on the deck of your roof) provides further protection to your home. Today, we’re going to talk all about underlayments, including what they are and why we…Read More

  6. What’s the Best Season for Roofing Repair?

    With summer in full swing (the summer solstice was on the 21st, by the way!), it’s officially the best time to have your roof repaired or replaced. It might come as a surprise to some, since temperatures can get sweltering, especially on top of a black-shingled roof. However, summer actually provi…Read More

  7. What Is Flashing, and Why Is It Necessary?

    Flashing provides protection for components of your roof, and it works in conjunction with your roofing material. Flashing is applied to roofing corners and valleys, as well as objects that jut out through your roof. So let’s talk flashing. What is flashing? How does it work? And where is it used?…Read More

  8. How to Match Your Shingles With Your Home

    If you’re redoing your roof, or if you’re constructing a new home, you know that your roofing material counts. It’s a serious decision, and there are so many options out there (including asphalt shingles, wooden shakes, slate tiles, composite tiles, and metal). So how do you choose which mater…Read More

  9. Signs Your Roofing Is Failing

    Sometimes it is rather obvious that your roof is failing. When things are really bad, you’ll see leaks penetrating the ceilings and walls of your home. And when things are really really bad, you’ll see exposed rafters — don’t let things get really really bad. Fortunately, when there’s a fa…Read More

  10. Which Roofing Material Is the Best?

    It’s a never-ending debate, and it’s a question that we’re asked all the time: Which roofing material is the best? Well, there’s no black-and-white answer to that question, which is why there are so many roofing materials on the market. Some may choose shingles due to their cost, others may …Read More