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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Wood Shake Roofing

There may be no roofing material that is more timeless than wood shakes. Wood shakes have been in use for millennia, providing a unique, natural appeal as well as protection for homes. As a tried and true roofing material, there are some obvious benefits to wood shingle roofing. However, as more modern materials have been [...]

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How to Detect Roof Leaks

A leaky roof is a serious issue and it can lead to substantial, costly damage to your home. That’s why it's crucial to have your home inspected every year to ensure that leaks don’t crop up. In addition, you can take measures to ensure that your roof isn’t leaking in between inspections. Remain vigilant and [...]

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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Slate Tile Roofing

Are you considering slate tile for your new roof? Like any other roofing material, slate tile has a host of benefits and drawbacks that are unique. For example, folks favor slate tile roofing because they love its look, yet others shy away from slate, due to its price. Where do you stand? Well, if you’re [...]

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Why We Use Underlayments

Your roof is your home’s first layer of protection against the storms that Mother Nature can produce. As such, it’s crucial to ensure that your roof is built well enough so that it’s up to the task. While the outermost material of your roof (e.g. the shingles of a roof) will provide the most protection [...]

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How to Match Your Roof With Your Home’s Exterior

Whether you’re finishing your new home build or you’re redoing your roof to ensure that your home remains protected from the elements, you have some decisions in front of you. You’ll have to decide on the right roofing material for your abode, as well as the color of said material. So, how do you decide? [...]

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Tips to Choose the Right Shingle Color

If you’re about to put new shingles on top of your home, then you may find yourself sitting in front of a dozen catalogs, pouring over the hundreds of shingle options out there. How do you choose the right one? Well, for starters, we advise our clients to look for a shingle that will perform [...]

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Spring Is the Perfect Time for an Inspection

As winter storms shift to spring showers, the season couldn’t be more perfect to take a look at your home’s roof. After a rough winter full of snow, freezing rain, and high winds, your roof could look a little worse for the wear. So, now that spring has rolled around, it’s a smart idea to [...]

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Why You Should Leave Roofing Services to the Pros

Whether you want to remove snow from your roof, you’d like to swap out a few damaged shingles, or you need to replace your whole roof, you really shouldn’t do it yourself. Your roof can prove to be a dangerous place, especially for those who are untrained, unexperienced, and don’t have the proper tools of [...]

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How to Match Your Roofing With Your Home

Is it time to install a new roof over your abode? You may have a headache at all the available options, as far as roofing materials go. On top of considering cost and the longevity of your roofing material, you’ll have to consider the aesthetic quality of your roof. When you’re picking the perfect roofing [...]

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What You Need to Know About Underlayment

If you have a sloped roof, you should have an underlayment, even if you have a low-sloping roof. This layer (which is the layer placed directly on the deck of your roof) provides further protection to your home. Today, we’re going to talk all about underlayments, including what they are and why we use them, [...]

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