Homeowners want a home that can withstand the weather — after all, it provides peace of mind to have a strong roof over your head. It’s important to keep your roof tip-top. Otherwise, you may soon have water pouring into your home, and that can cost thousands in repairs, especially if it goes unnoticed for a time. So, what can you do to ensure that your roof maintains its integrity? Well, it’s best to have a roofing professional over to inspect and maintain your roof. We recommend inspections and maintenance once per year, preferably before the colder months (when snow can start to compile on your home). If you’re concerned about your home, get a roof inspection. We’ll make sure that your roof is free from all of these causes of leaks:

Outdated Roofing

Over time, roofing deteriorates. Depending on your roofing material, your roof may age relatively quickly, or it may last for decades on end. If you have an asphalt shingle roof, then you should keep a keen eye out for damage — these roofs only last about a dozen years or so. On the other hand, if you have a metal roof or a slate tile roof, your roofing system may last without much maintenance for several decades (slate tile roofs can even last more than a century!). That said, it's still wise to have regular roofing inspections, since damage can still happen to these roof types.

Damaged Roofing

Roofs are susceptible to damage. If you have a tree branch that’s rubbing against your roof (or a branch that’s fallen on your roof), you might have a roof that’s compromised. Roofs can also be damaged by extreme temperature changes, winter weather, and high winds. In addition, pooling water can damage your roof — more about pooling water next:


A well designed roof won’t let water collect. If you have water pooling on your roof, you may have a serious problem. This water can seep through the roofing material and the underlayment, at which point it will pour into your home. If you notice any points where water is pooling on your roof, it’s time to seek a solution. You may also have obstructions on your roof that cause pooling (e.g. leaves and sticks), or you may have a sagging roof — which may mean that you’ll have to repair the structure supporting your roof, as well as the roof itself. For flat roofs, some pooling is natural. That said, pooling should be minimal, and water should evaporate quickly if it does pool. For flat roofs, extra drains may be installed, or a new roof slope can be implemented to keep water flowing down and off of your roof.

Poor Flashing

Flashing is an integral part of your roofing system, and its responsible for keeping any protrusions that penetrate your roof from leaking. Precipitation can damage your home if you have poor flashing installed around your chimney, vents, or any skylights on your home. You may notice bad flashing if you see leaks near these components in your home. Have your roofer take a look at the flashing around protrusions from your home’s roof.

What to Look For

If your roof becomes damaged, it pays to be vigilant and act quickly. Otherwise the interior of your home and your attic may be damaged. Keep an eye out for shingles that are curled or missing their grit. If you have wood shakes, make sure that the shakes aren’t cracked and split or missing. Metal roofing can also curl (especially in high winds), it can rust, lose its paint, and become damaged by hail. Slate tile roofing is prone to damage under high pressure — be sure not to walk on your roof, and keep any maintenance crews off of your roof if they don’t have experience navigating over slate tiles.

Red Dog’s Roofing Maintenance & Repairs

When you’re concerned about your roof, we’re here to provide peace of mind. When you notice roof damage or a leak, we’re here to ensure that your home is protected once again. Call on our experts to inspect, maintain, and repair your roof. We’re proud to provide roofing services for folks throughout Fitchburg, Leominster, Gardner, Westminster, Lunenburg, Lancaster, Ashburnham, Princeton, and Sterling. Schedule an appointment for roofing maintenance and repair today!