When you hire a roofer to perform a roof replacement, you'll want to make sure you hire a trustworthy and reliable company. Replacing your roof is no small task, which is why you'll want to make sure you find a roofer who does what they say they're going to do. The following are three questions you should be sure to ask every roofer before deciding to work with them.

1. Do you handle all the permitting?

In order to perform extensive roof work (such as a roof replacement) a building permit is required. Our staff at Red Dog's Roofing take care of all the permitting on your behalf. In fact, you should avoid working with any roofer who either requests you obtain the proper permits yourself or suggests no permit is necessary. 

2. Do you clean up after the job is done?

Replacing a roof will result in the removal of a lot of materials from your roof and then your yard. The removal of debris includes existing shingles, roofing deck, nails, or anything else taken off of the roof. Red Dog's Roofing includes thorough clean-up as part of our exceptional customer service.

3. What makes your roof replacement services the best?

We strive to provide 100 percent satisfaction to each and every one of our customers. This means we not only focus on using the best quality materials to perform a proper, high-quality roof replacement, but we are also committed to providing the best possible customer service. We make it a point to do exactly what we say we're going to do.

Not only are these three questions you should ask every roofer, but you'll also find these are three ways Red Dog's Roofing services are set apart from the rest. For more information about our roof replacement services, be sure to reach out to us at Red Dog's Roofing in Central Massachusetts or greater Sarasota areas today.