When you start noticing leaks on your home’s ceiling and roof shingles on your lawn, it’s important to start looking into roof repairs. The earlier you get started on your roofing project, the less damage your home will withstand and the more money you’ll save!

As one of the largest components of your home and first line of defense against the elements, you don’t want to leave your home’s roof in the hands of just anyone. You want to make sure the roofing company you choose is skilled and knowledgeable in residential roofing best practices.

Below you’ll find some actions you can take to guarantee your roof replacement is done professionally, affordably, and is ultimately a value-adding renovation onto your property. 

Ask for Local Referrals from Neighbors

One of the best ways to determine whether or not a roofing contractor is legit is by asking family and friends for referrals. There’s a higher chance of you being satisfied with a roof replacement if it’s being completed by a company that has already left a good impression on someone you know. Your insurance company and real estate agent may also have some recommendations.

By asking your neighbors about their experiences with roofing companies, you’re also more likely to find a roofing contractor that is familiar with your home’s infrastructure and design. Local roofers also tend to be informed on local code regulations and have existing business relationships with local crews and suppliers. 

Research Contractor Qualifications & Reputation

Doing your due diligence before committing to a roofing company will certainly pay off in the long run. Researching potential contractors ahead of time will help you determine whether or not their roofing services and materials can meet your needs. 

There are a few factors you want to consider, including Better Business Bureau ratings, manufacturer designations (such as  Master Elite® Contractors), and warranty options. Make sure to check for warranty details as well. Roof replacement warranties can be manufacturer-backed or be strictly service-related. 

Choosing a roofing contractor that has excellent reviews from its previous customers is also a strong sign of professionalism and quality service. 

Consider Different Material Options

Another way to identify a trustworthy roofing contractor is by looking at their selection of roofing materials. Are their roof shingles high quality? 

The type of roof shingles you install onto your home can affect your property value and benefit or hurt your home’s resale value. Owens Corning roof shingles are known to be incredibly durable and come in a wide selection of colors and designs. Make sure whichever roofing contractor you decide upon allows you to choose from multiple shingle colors and styles.

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