Here at Red Dog’s Roofing, we take pride in being a roofing company that believes in giving back to veterans of our armed forces. Recently, we have partnered with Owens Corning and Habitat for Humanity to help a veteran by providing them with a free roof as part of a roof giveaway program. The goal is to give back to those who have served our country by providing them with much needed resources and support, and that includes a quality roof replacement. 

The Roof Giveaway Program

This incredible roof giveaway program is an example of how businesses can make a positive impact on the lives of veterans and their families. Red Dog’s Roofing, along with Owens Corning and Habitat for Humanity, is helping veterans get back on their feet after facing financial hardship due to service-related injuries or other difficulties they may face after returning from deployment. With this generous gesture, we are committed to helping those who served our nation! 

John H. Burke’s Story

John H. Burke is a WWII veteran who took part in the Rhineland Offensive in Germany as a high schooler who had not yet graduated. In 1970, after his service, he and his wife bought a home in Worcester where they lived, along with 8 children, for many years. These days he resides in his home alone, and more recently, his roof started leaking. 

John insisted on paying for the roof himself, even though he didn’t have the funds, not to mention that a roof that size costs around $30,000 to replace which is why his son, Richard Burke, decided to reach out to Habitat for Humanity for help. Habitat for Humanity wanted to help John get the roof replacement he deserves, which is where we here at Red Dog's Roofing as well as Owens Corning stepped in. As part of a roof giveaway for veterans, we helped take down the roof on John’s home and replaced it with a new roof all at no cost! John was very thankful for the new roof and stated, "I'm very thankful. It's not very often you get something for nothing. I mean I appreciate it."

Experienced Roofing Company

As a trusted roofing contractor, Red Dog’s Roofing is a trusted local roofing expert when it comes to roof replacement services. Throughout the years, we have helped many people and veterans, such as John, improve their homes with a quality roof replacement that protects their homes from the outdoors. With a top team of roofers along with quality roofing materials, we are more than happy to give back to the community with life changing roof replacements.