Going through a hurricane can be a traumatic experience. The powerful winds and heavy rain have the ability to damage your property and destroy your livelihood. After it passes, you might be wondering how to move forward. Here are a few practical steps to take after a hurricane threatens your home safety

Contact and Check in on Loved Ones

Nationwide, news stations often cover damaging Florida hurricanes. Make sure you check in on local friends and family to ensure their safety once the storm has passed. If you live far away from loved ones, get ahold of loved ones and let them know you’re okay.

Perform a Quick Damage Assessment

There are often things you can see from the ground regarding storm damage. You can see sections of shingles or hardware missing, so take note. Let a trusted local roofing expert complete a total damage assessment for a full report and a safer approach.

Check Documentation and Photograph Damages

If you have your insurance policy handy, check the terms surrounding filing a claim for a roof replacement. You could generally check your policy online if the storm damaged the physical documentation. Hurricane insurance provides storm protection, but photo document any evidence you can safely achieve.

File an Insurance Claim

Working with insurance companies can be difficult for a roof replacement. A trusted roofing contractor will help make this process easier by filing estimates and providing documentation quickly. Prior to your roof installation, they can protect your home from further damage with special equipment.

Final Thoughts

Time is of the essence if your Florida home has suffered storm damage from a hurricane. To restore your home to pre-event conditions, you’ll want to contact a trusted local roofing expert who will work quickly. Call the award-winning team at Red Dog’s Roofing for fast and easy roof replacement services.